Our 8 Figure Club Award Story

Bryan Dulaney8 Figure Club Award

We hear this question all of the time.  Many people ask, “How did you earn the 8 Figure Club Award and the ClickFunnels Super Bowl Ring at Funnel Hacking Live 2018?”

It was an absolute honor & privilege to receive this 8 Figure Club Award from Russell Brunson & Todd Dickerson, founders of ClickFunnels.

Here you can see there were only 17 people out of the community of over 60,000 paying members who use ClickFunnels to receive this 8 Figure Award, which includes the incredible plaque that looks like a gold record label with 10 gold labels and a blinged out  4 carrot diamond ClickFunnels Super Bowl Ring.

What does it mean to receive this 8 Figure Club Award? 

To receive the 8 Figure Club Award means that you have generated over $10 million through one business and through one funnel using ClickFunnels.

For example: you see Garrett J. White, next to us (Michael Mushlin, Stephanie and I), on stage in the green jacket.  He was awarded the 8 Figure Award for his company Wake Up Warrior and using ClickFunnels to generate over $10 million for his business of helping men step up.

We received our 8 Figure Award for our digital marketing agency, Perfect Funnel System, using ClickFunnels.

How did you receive the ClickFunnels 8 Figure Club Award?

That’s a secret.  If you come into San Diego, CA or choose to do a Funnel Day or Funnel Day Workshop I will be happy to share with you the funnels that we used and more importantly the process we used to fill our funnel and generate over $10 million through ClickFunnels.

I will say that it took many years to figure out what it took to make our business sing, meaning the moment everything clicked and we were able to pour money into advertising to generate leads and sales.  That moment happened right around the beginning of ClickFunnels, so thank you Russell for creating an incredible platform that allows us to “print cash on demand.”  That’s what I love about ClickFunnels.

What does the ClickFunnels Super Bowl Ring Look Like? 

Below you can see a photo of the 4 carrot of diamonds ClickFunnels Super Bowl Ring… I will say that it’s an incredible ring.  Thank You ClickFunnels for creating such an awesome award… that packs a strong punch and stands out like a lime green Ferrari driving down the street.

What’s the difference between the “Two Comm Club” Award vs. the “8 Figure Club” Award? 

The “Two Comma Club” Award is awarded by ClickFunnels when you reach 7 figures ($1 million or more) through ClickFunnels.  The 8 Figure Club Award is awarded by ClickFunnels & Russell Brunson when you reach 8 figures ($10 million or more) through ClickFunnels.

The key ingredient here is that you use ClickFunnels to receive these awards.  You can NOT receive these awards unless you use ClickFunnels.  You also can NOT receive these awards until you earn either 7 or 8 figures.

How To First Win The Two Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels? 

First, you should focus on earning 7 figures right?  Once you earn your first $1 million, the next $1, $2, $3 million are much much easier through scaling your traffic (the number of people who see your offers).

When you are going from $0 to 7 Figures you should be focused on two things: what you sell and how you sell it.  What you sell is your offer and how you sell it is the funnel that you will use to sell your offer.

For us, we have hit the two comma club several times for our business and for other businesses that we partner with.  Just so you know, our partnerships and funnels have actually generated over $50 million so far.  The next milestone for us is $100 million through funnels online.

So, what do you sell?  What is the price point?  How many units do you need to sell?  What are the benefits of that offer?  These are all questions you need to be able to answer.  For example: let’s say your offer is $10,000.  That means you only need to sell 100 units at $10,000 to earn $1 million.  Or let’s say your offer is $2,000.  That means that you need to sell 500 units at $2,000 to earn $1 million and get yourself a Two Comma Club Award.

Next, you must focus on “how you sell it.”  What funnel or funnels are you going to use in order to generate the visitors, leads and sales that will accumulate to $1 million or more?  During a Funnel Day, we will help you determine which funnels are going to get you to 7 figures as fast as possible or at least as fast as you would like to get there.

Personally, I love helping experts earn 7 figures and more as fast as humanly possible.  Will you be one of them?  If you have not taken advantage of one of our FREE Strategy Sessions, I encourage you to take the first step and schedule a call today to see how we can help you accelerate the process of earning 7 and even 8 figures.

How To Win The 8 Figure Club Award?

After you have reached 7 figures, then of course, you want to scale your business and earn 8 figures right?   The key to scaling to 8 figures is to 3-fold: more buyers, more buyers buying more from you and more buyers buying more from you more frequently.

Let me give you an example.  If you are selling a $1,000 offer, then you will need to sell more of them.  Then you will want to sell them other offers that will help them at a higher level.  For example: you could sell a $5,000 workshop or event or you could sell a $15,000 coaching program.  Do you see how you can scale when you have higher ticket offers?

One of the ways that we scaled an experts business from 7 figures to 8 figures is that we added a $25,000 mastermind offer.  When we introduced that to the list that we had generated we generated close to $500,000 in one month!

How Can I Help You Go To The Next Level? 

Whether you are just starting out or you are already earning 6, 7 or 8 figures, we can help.  Apply here or schedule a free strategy session to see how we can help with your funnels, your offers and your advertising & marketing strategy.