Frequently Asked Questions.

These are some frequently asked questions that we get from time to time from people who we talk with about doing a Funnel Day for their business. You may find some of these helpful for your own mind.

Imagine you are on a journey to the greatest destination of your life – but you first have to go through this jungle – the online world – and you’ve never been there before or you’ve spent time in the jungle hoping you could find your way out – wouldn’t it make sense to have a tour guide and a great roadmap? Well a Funnel Day is a not only the roadmap, but also the strategy and the “how to’s” to get you to success in your business. And its led by very successful guides who have helped take others through the jungle time and time again. If you would talk to our successful clients like Jeremy, they would say that the Funnel Day was necessary to clarify the vision they had and put and actionable detailed plan behind their ideas. Since the purpose of the Funnel Day is to create the strategy and roadmap for your business, the only thing left for you to be successful is implementation.
No, we will record the audio of your Funnel Day and provide a copy of that recording in the Basecamp project we set up for our work together. Additionally, we will capture all work developed, funnels, ad strategies, and any other visual material for translation to the strategy and roadmap deliverable.
Your funnel day will begin at 9:00am on the dates scheduled and end at approximately 5:00pm that same day.
The Funnel Day has an immeasurable value, helping people design and map out or expand to a multi-million dollar business. Call us at 800-217-1250 or email us at and we will give you a price quote for your Funnel Day after a brief conversation. The question of price comes down to this one question, “What would you invest to create a business that will generate $1 Million a year or $1 Million a month in revenue? ” Our clients who have gone through a Funnel Day all said it was more than worth the small investment they made to set them up for success. See what some of them said here.
The Funnel Days are normally held in San Diego, CA. As an alternative we can do them via Skype, or we can do them at your location for an additional fee.
After the Funnel Day, your roadmap will be ready in 5 business days or less. This allows us time to review everything we discussed on the Funnel Day and make sure we haven’t missed anything.
No, the investment in the Funnel Day is for the development of the strategy and roadmap specific to your ideal client, and the business you are creating. In many cases, we actually help our clients craft the very products and services in their Value Ladder of offerings. You will come away from the Funnel Day knowing the Lifetime Value of your customer. We will provide a section in the strategy and roadmap for a budget for us to build the funnels.
The #1 question most people ask is, “how much will it cost to develop our funnels after our Funnel Day is complete?”

To answer that question we say, “that’s why you need the Funnel Day.” While it may sound circular, think about all the components you need to know in order to determine the price of your funnels:

  • Whose going to do the funnel development?  Who is going to do the funnel optimization?
  • Who is going to do your copywriting?  The difference between a funnel that converts at 25% vs. a funnel that converts at 35% could mean the difference between a funnel that doesn’t break even on your ad spend and a funnel that knocks it out of the park and produces a great return on investment (3, 4, 5, or even 10x your ad spend).
  • Will your team do the work or will we do the work?  Which components of the work will they do?
  • Do you have your own video production team or will you use our video production team?
  • Will you script your own videos or will you want us to script those videos with you (we are trained copywriters).
  • What software will you need?  Are you going to make that determination or will you allow our 10+ years of experience answer that for you?
  • Do you have an existing brand that is marketable or do you need us to develop a brand for you as part of the solution?
  • How many ways can people enter your funnel and do you need more than one way to capture your ideal clients? (Note: most businesses need many funnels and ways into the business in our experience).
  • What is the lifetime value of a customer for you?  Do you know how to increase that lifetime value of the customer and what do you need to develop and build in order to increase it?
  • How much do you currently spend now to acquire a customer?
  • How much can you afford to spend on marketing to acquire a customer? (As they say, “The one who can spend the most money to acquire the customer usually wins the game”).
  • and the other 100 questions that you should be considering when developing a comprehensive, well considered funnel strategy.

These are just a few of the questions that your funnel day will answer for us to determine the cost of the development and your potential advertising budget to accomplish your goals.  Without this information we are simply guessing and anyone who tells you they can give you a price without this information is guessing as well. To optimize the greatest return on your business investment, we don’t believe there is a “one-size fits all” solution for sales funnels.

Now, we totally get it.  For many of you, you’re not sure if your business idea is worth committing to 100%, and you’re weighing the investment vs. your belief that the business will succeed.  If the dollar amount seems to be worth the risk, you’ll do it, but if it doesn’t so many of you will shelf the idea because you didn’t see it being worth the investment, or worse you will try to build it yourself without the training or background we’ve spent a decade (10 years) learning and you will waste valuable time and valuable dollars.  Most business owners have many multi-million dollar ideas that never go forward, because they take this very approach.  We do not recommend this approach.  However, without answering the questions above and others like it, you are shooting from the hip and your business idea and your investment resources is too valuable to shoot from the hip.

Yes, you can get a quote to develop your funnels without an in-depth study of your business or what you need to be successful.  And you will get whatever you get.  We never recommend that approach, and in fact, we get call after call, week after week from entrepreneurs who have invested with others using this approach and the results were disappointing at best.

As a business owner your job should be to create content, develop products and services, and run the day-to-day operations of your business.  People hire us for our 10+ years of experience so they can focus on what they do best while we focus on what we do best, which is funnels and advertising.

We know the industry well, and we know many of our “would be competitors” want you to believe that they can have a 15 minute conversation and know exactly what you need and that’s just not the case. If you feel that’s all you should invest to have a strategy for a $1 million a year or even a $1 million a month business then we’re likely not the solution for you.

In Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” he says, “Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate it.”  You have your vision, we help you communicate it online!

We guarantee that we will show up and play full out 100%. We also guarantee that we will bring all of our 10 plus years of experience creating and designing over 1,250+ funnels and generating over $20 Million in revenue to the table. We cannot however guarantee the success of your “idea” or that you will implement the strategies and plans that we set forth during the Funnel Day. However, we are committed that you will have everything you need to create and launch a successful online business or take your existing business to the Next Level.

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