Our Funnel Day Experience.

Here's our simple 6-step application process to see if it makes sense for you to attend one of our one day Funnel Days so you can map everything from your advertising strategy to acquire customers to how to go to market online the right way in order to be profitable from the beginning of your launch.

1 – Understand

The first step to applying for a Funnel Day is to understand what a Funnel Day can do for you and your business. Click the button below to understand "our process" and how our Funnel Day works from beginning to the end. It's important for you to understand the experience of a Funnel Day and what a Funnel Day will do for you and your business.

Our Process

2 – Apply

Once you understand what a Funnel Day will do for you, then you'll apply so we can see if you're a good fit for going through our Funnel Day Experience. Our experience is a one of a kind experience that will set you apart from everyone in your industry. First, we must make sure you're a good fit for us to set you up for success. We don't just take on anyone.

Apply Online

3 – Interview

Once your application has been submitted and reviewed we'll give you a call to confirm whether you've been accepted into our Funnel Day Experience or if we suggest another route for you to take to launch your funnels and business online. Remember, we only work with the best of the best, therefore we are particular about who we chose to work with.

4 – Schedule Your Day

If you pass the interview stage, we'll let you know when our calendar is open for you to fly into San Diego, California where we host our Funnel Days for our clients. Currently, we have two (2) days per week that are open for Funnel Days. We will find one that works within your calendar and one that works within our schedule as well.

5 – Plan Your Trip

Once you have your Funnel Day scheduled, you can plan your flight detail and your hotel stay arrangements near the location of our private offices. Once you're confirmed, booked and on our calendar then it'll be time to take care of your travel. We can provide assistance at that time, if needed.

6 – Your Funnel Day

We start bright and early at 9am sharp in San Diego for your Funnel Day. We provide a healthy lunch delivered by one of our local favorite restaurants so we can enjoy a working lunch and we go through our process of designing and architecting a Perfect Funnel System for your business so you can automate a life worth living while producing abundance for you and your business.

Cost To Attend A Funnel Day.

Many of the people who have gone through a Funnel Day Experience have said they would have paid double for the value they provided from our Funnel Days. You can hear that for yourself in some of our Funnel Day Stories, if you have not already. If you want to know the price to attend, please give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss.

NOTE: If you qualify for the experience and we think that we can truly help you design & architect a Perfect Funnel System for your business so you can automate a life worth living. If you're a fit, then we will discuss the cost to attend our one day Funnel Day for you and your team.

Contact Us.

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