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7 Figure Sales Training is a Sales Mastery Training company that helps sales professional BREAK Traditional Selling Techniques, also known as The “Old Model” of Selling, which triggers sales resistance from prospects leading to objections and rejection. Jeremy Miner helps you learn and master the “New Model” of selling, in the era that we live in today, so you can achieve record breaking performance and get into the Top 1% of salespeople.

We are proud to announce that we have helped Jeremy from conception to a successful launch of his new brand, 7 Figure Sales Training. The journey began in July of 2015 when Bryan and Jeremy started a conversation about Jeremy’s vision to create a sales training company that would teach people the “New Model” of selling, because selling has changed over the past few years (since 2008) and the “Old Model” of selling just isn’t working as effectively as it used to many years ago.

You see many of the Old Sales Guru’s are either getting out of the industry and moving into other industries or they are not heavily promoting themselves in the sales training space. Jeremy is the NEW guy when it comes to sales training and communication. Think of it as “communication training” because when you know how to properly communicate and “be of service” (which is selling) then it’s easy to make a sale.

Jeremy and Bryan then met again and did a one day strategy session in San Diego, California with some of our internal team and we mapped out the entire year of product development, funnel development, branding and everything from A to Z to launch successfully including an advertising strategy.

One day turned into two days and we mutually decided to partner with Jeremy as business partners to launch 7 Figure Sales Training to help the world improve their ability to communicate and sell.

Bryan Dulaney, Megan Unsworth & Jeremy Miner In San Diego, CA (September 10, 2015)

Bryan Dulaney, Megan Unsworth & Jeremy Miner In San Diego, CA (September 10, 2015)

After the one day in San Diego, we setup a three day branding intensive (you can see a bunch of us at Cafe Gratitude in Little Italy, San Diego) and hired a top notch branding company to setup our brand with the signature style you see today.

We brought them on because they are highly specialized in what they do (branding) and are the best in the industry. We believe if you’re going to do anything you might as well do it the BEST you can. When you do it pays off in spades down the road when it comes time to launching your product or service to the world.

Since Jeremy’s brand is producing a more than 3 to 1 return on investment, we would say that making the investment into your business is one of the smartest things you could ever choose to do.

Branding Intensive with Jeremy Miner & Bryan Dulaney at Cafe Gratitude

Branding Intensive with Jeremy Miner & Bryan Dulaney at Cafe Gratitude

After branding kicked into full gear Jeremy and I began working on the video content for a 21-day Challenge we launched that helps people to increase their sales and communicate better.   It’s 100% free and built to provide massive goodwill in the market. The strategy behind this was due to the fact that no one really knows Jeremy (until now), so in order to build trust Bryan masterminded this goodwill campaign that provides massive value for FREE in exchange for an email address and the opportunity to build a relationship online.

We went back and forth between St. Louis (where Jeremy lives) and San Diego (where Bryan lives) and began putting all the pieces together in order to launch that absolute BEST sales training program online.
Below you can see a webinar funnel we put together that people are loving…
Here's A Webinar Funnel That's Converting Over 42% To Cold Traffic

Here’s A Webinar Funnel That’s Converting Over 42% To Cold Traffic

It was a lot of FUN to help Jeremy create 3 products, launch a webinar and webinar funnel, create a monthly coaching community and partner with one of the absolute BEST sales trainers and communicators of our time. It is an honor and privilege and these are the type of people we love to get behind to help become famous both online and offline.

If you don’t yet have ClickFunnels, I highly encourage you to get a 2 week FREE trial and play around with it so you too can begin building a list and tribe of people who know, like and trust you. One day they will invest with you and buy your products and services IF you do it right.
To your success and abundance, 
Bryan Dulaney