What You Get

Here's what you get by attending a Funnel Day in San Diego, CA or virtually (Skype).

1 – Funnel map of all discussed funnels.

This is the primary reason most customers hire us – so we can help them develop the high converting sales funnels to achieve their business goals. This deliverable will be a graphical representation of the funnel map that includes the lead magnets, the one-time offers, the bump offers, the auto-responders, the call to actions, and the order forms and thank you pages needed for your funnel.

2 – Ad strategy for your funnel(s).

In this section of our roadmap – we take the problem/solution sets that we create by looking at your ideal client and we craft several high converting ads and tell you what platforms we would place those ads. We will also suggest an ad budget designed to reach your market. Ad platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Google AdWords, Pinterest Bing/Yahoo, Linked In and many others...

3 – Project Plan for High Level Work.

No Roadmap would be complete without the high level project plan that says who does what when! Since we manage all of the implementations of our client’s projects, we will provide you a time line of activities needed by you, by us, and if necessary, by others, so that we can achieve the roll out of your strategy in the agreed upon timeframe. This project plan is delivered within days of going through a Funnel Day in San Diego with us and it's extremely detailed so you can accelerate your launch.

4 – Budget for us to get the work done.

Since we likely met because you have decided that doing the work for yourself is not an option, we provide our clients a budget for us to do the work for them as a turn-key solution. Most entrepreneurs and business owners find their personal time is better spent in developing content for their business and growing it. We provide our clients with a comprehensive budget to have us build, manage, and implement your funnels. Among the services we provide are branding, funnel building, auto-responder integration, funnel automation video scripting, filming and production, and full advertising development and ad management. We always give our clients at least two payment options to cover different situations, and we always find a workable budget that makes sense for you.

Here’s What Your Funnel Day Will Do For You

#1: Clarity & Peace of Mind.

You will have complete clarity for your business, as it relates to the components you have shared with us, regarding what is needed to accomplish your online marketing and sales goals. You will know estimated costs, timelines, technologies, work effort required, and more importantly financial projections of revenue potential. Lastly, you will have peace of mind that you have the right strategy in place to build and grow your business online.

#2: Focus.

You will know what components you have and what you need, you and can easily determine if you want to build it yourself, outsource it to others, or engage us to do it for you.


#3: Energy.

Lack of clarity drains energy. You won’t waste time and money trying to investigate all the technical components yourself, and trying to figure out how to integrate them.

#4: Productivity.

Clarity, Focus and Energy create an atmosphere of Productivity. You will know exactly what to focus your efforts on, building content for your business, developing great health products and fulfilling product orders, as the business requires. You will know when your work effort is needed for your business goals to be accomplished. Your focus will be activities that generate revenue.

Shared Responsibility.

As you can appreciate, any strategy and roadmap project is a shared responsibility, and our work on your behalf will require approximately eight (8) hours of your time. This session will be scheduled upon acceptance of our engagement.

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will provide you a questionnaire that will help guide our roadmap session, and we request you return that to us 24-48 hours in advance of your scheduled time with us.
We know that this investment will enable you to have a focused set of actions that will provide you with huge success, and we are looking forward to working with you on this incredibly exciting opportunity.

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