Funnel Day with Stan Kuczynski – Financial Services Industry

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Here’s what Stan said about his Funnel Day in San Diego, Ca with Bryan Dulaney and Michael Mushlin, “My name is Stan Kuczynski. I’m with Synergistic Life Services out of Chicago, Illinois, and we do boutique financial planning for individuals. I came in today for my first consulting opportunity. I was really, really impressed with how the day went. I had zero expectations. I’ve always felt that relationships were built across the table, that doing this type of marketing and attraction of clients was really a falsehood. By sitting with these gentlemen today, what I’ve realized is you can relationship-build utilizing tools like Facebook, like Bing, like Yahoo, and be very effective and be truly relationship-building and reach more people than you could across the kitchen table or the dining room table. It was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to put this plan into action and really, really take it to the next level.”

Stan, what would you say was the biggest takeaway and aha moment, in addition to relationship building, that you’re walking out of the Funnel Day with?

“What was my biggest aha moment is how, by having a interactive session with my team and you guys, that we were able to really put our business in perspective and how impactful we can be using the right terms and the right efforts to get where we want to be. Fantastic.”

What would you recommend that companies that are thinking about doing a Funnel Day … what would you recommend them do to prepare to get the greatest impact of their time with us?

“Unlike me, come in with an open mind, and be prepared to absorb everything you can to make it as impactful as you can. Again, we have a new buyer out there. We have a new buying cycle, and we have to embrace it. We have to be ahead of the curve and not chasing the curve, and that’s what I think you guys do here is you put people in a position to win.”
If you’d like to go through one of these Funnel Days, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to give you more information about how you can work with us to make your dream become a reality.

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