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Listen to what Marley Baird from Marley Baird Media has to say about her Funnel Day Experience in San Diego, CA with Bryan Dulaney and the Perfect Funnel System team of experts.

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Here’s the transcript of what Marley Baird has to say about her experience with Bryan Dulaney and our team in San Diego, CA:

“My name is Marley Baird. I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have a video marketing agency and we want to position more influencers as thought leaders through our course, coaching, and a done-for-your program because the biggest problem that influencers have is sometimes they’re putting out content for the sake of content. They don’t know what kind of content to create, where to put it, how to position it, that actually gets attention instead of just making noise.”

“I’ve been in business for about two years. For the first year and a half, things were going pretty well. In the last six months, I really felt this urge of I love what I’m doing, but I need to reach more people. So, we started to create some courses, and we had a webinar, but it just wasn’t jiving. It just wasn’t working yet. So, in the last six months, it’s been really this like urgent need to want to reach more people and do it the right way and just stop wasting time.”

“I loved just getting here today and just feeling welcome, feeling like even though I was anticipating for the last few days that this was going to be such a huge life-changing day and we were going to go through so much that I was anticipating feeling overwhelmed. But I actually didn’t feel overwhelmed at all. I just felt very clear. We took things step by step. And the more we dove into it, the more deeper we got. The more clearer I felt. And just loved being around Stephanie and Bryan. Loved the things that we mapped out. The projections. And it just really set me at ease for being here in this day that could have been overwhelming. But also sets me at ease for what’s coming ahead because of what we went through today.”

“It’s funny that before I started a business, I was a dental hygienist. So in a nine to five cleaning teeth all day. Not fun at all. And for me, my dream is to make six figures. I thought making $100,000 would be amazing. And every step I take in my business, now it’s like that’s not the ceiling anymore. That’s not the ceiling anymore. That’s not the ceiling anymore. So today being with Bryan and Stephanie opened my eyes to so much to what’s possible, to things that we were doing, that we could raise the prices on, we could triple the prices on, that we could reach so many more people, that with their skills, and talents, and expertise, that we can do it faster, easier, more efficient, and actually reach the right people without having to do so much guess work and go through the grief of trying to figure it out myself.”

“The last few months in the business have been amazing. We’ve been hitting new milestones and record months for revenue every month. And then in the last few weeks, it seemed like something’s broke. But every time things broke, I recognized that it was for things to get better. For us to rebuild a stronger foundation, to build a stronger team, to be able to attract the right people, the right clients. And like I said before, I didn’t want to do the guest work. I knew that I just feel so urgent about the impact that I want to make. And sometimes that might come off as aggressive. But it’s just that I want to get out there, I want to help more people, I want to make a bigger impact. And because of that, I feel this urgency to not waste time. And so I knew seeing Bryan, knowing him, knowing his work, and the other people that he’s helped I knew that this would help us to get that roadmap that we need and get in the fast lane.”

“I thought today was gonna be so overwhelming. I was anticipating a lot of tough questions that would feel like dragging my feet in the mud to try to figure things out. Because sometimes that’s what it feels like going through business alone. Not that I’m alone, but just trying to figure out those answers by myself. And having the right questions asked in the right way from someone who has so much experience and could help me find the answers too, just gave me so much clarity. And I thought I was gonna be so overwhelmed, and I wasn’t at all.”

“Today definitely exceeded my expectations. I really didn’t know what to expect. And coming here leaving my family, traveling to a different country, I’m from Canada, spending eight hours on a plane. It’s a time investment, it’s a financial investment. And when you’re a business owner, you always want to make sure that you’re spending your time and money the right way and that what you do is gonna work. And after today, I feel so confident in what we’re gonna do moving forward that with Bryan and Stephanie’s help, that we’re gonna continue to exceed the expectations. And I’m just so excited and so grateful.”

“When we were going through the value ladder today and we were going through the services we offer and the people we reach, one of the big things that came up was the pricing. That some of my prices could be raised. Even tripled, which was super exciting for me to see. And to actually know what the value ladder is. Because I had these ideas, but I didn’t have it solid. It wasn’t concretely planned out. So today, having all of that mapped out and to actually see when we know what the expectations are for a conversion and how to map that all out knowing that we’re gonna have these different traffic sources and the website traffic is gonna come and bring these people in, it was so amazing and surprising to see how it all fits together and how we’re gonna do it.”

“The value of today compared to the investment, 100 out of 10. I would do this again. I would recommend it to everyone. I already have recommended it. And it’s just a no-brainer. If you want your business to succeed, if you want to make more impact, if you don’t want to guess and try to make things work, and you want to skip the guessing game and get into the fast lane right away, this is the answer.”

“One of the biggest things when working with someone is I want to feel like there’s that personal touch. That they get me. That they understand me on a personal level, on a business level, on a spiritual level. Because I put my heart and soul into what I do. And I want my clients to feel that from me. So if I’m investing in someone or something to work with me, it’s so important for me to feel that. So today was … I felt connected with everything we were doing. I felt empowered and fulfilled by everything. And I see that Bryan and Stephanie, after spending the day with me, that they get it. They know where I want to go. They see the vision with me. There were even times where Bryan said, “Here’s my vision for you.” And I was like, “That sounds good. I want that.” So that was … It’s amazing to work with people that align with you and what you want, but can also push you to say, “There’s more to it, let’s go this way as well.”

“Before coming into today, I felt really nervous and anxious about where I was going. And I knew where I want to be, and I didn’t know the steps to get there. And that’s terrifying. Especially when my vision is so big. And now, after working with Bryan and him helping me to solidify that vision and giving me the roadmap to get there, it’s not a matter of if it’s when.”

“I’ve already said to so many friends who I know in business, who are in Inner Circle, who are in masterminds that I am a part of, that this is a no brainer. Even if it’s just to get on a call with them and see if you’re a right fit. That was what I needed to do was I got on the call and within minutes, I was like, “How soon can I get there? Can I come this week?” And luckily, they had a spot for me because I was like, “I don’t want to waste any time. I just really wanted to do this.” And it’s, like I said, if you want your business to succeed, if you want to create an impact, I feel like this has changed everything for me and I’m sure it would for you.”

“This whole experience has just been so important for me. Like it was only an eight hour day. But so much happened in that eight hours that I’m walking away feeling so inspired, and clear, and ready, and empowered that I can’t wait to get started. I can’t wait to work with them more. And I can’t wait to reach all the people that I know are waiting for me to step into my power and be able to support them. So I’m really grateful for today. And like I said, if you’re questioning or if you think that this is right for you, get on a call because I already know this is gonna change my life.”

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