Funnel Day with Kristen Stephens Sharma

Bryan DulaneyBryan Dulaney

Listen to what Kristen Stephens Sharma has to say about her Funnel Day Experience in San Diego, CA with Bryan Dulaney and our team of Funnel Experts…

“Hi, my name is Kristen Stephens Sharma, and the business that I own is a life enhancement business. It’s called Inspired!, Inc. My dream is to leave people inspired to live their best life. My slogan is design your life, shine your light, live your dreams. I’m from Arizona and want to make a difference in the world.”

I’ve had a dream of inspiring people around the world for several years. I’ve been doing some of that already. I’ve been blessed to speak on some amazing stages, and do great keynotes, and work with amazing people, but to actually get it out to the masses isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Being able to have some help has really been wonderful. I would say that I wanted to do this for maybe even a decade, maybe not quite that long but at least several years.”

Before I found out about the funnel system program, I was excited about all of the content that I had and the accolades that I’ve been able to create for myself, but I was frustrated with the fact that I didn’t know how to implement getting it out to more and more people.”

When I came into the meeting today, I was expecting to create ideas with the team and that actually did happen. We came up with some amazing ideas. I think that it has the potential to reach a lot of people which is what I’d hope for.”

Today, when we came in, I had a lot of ideas, and what happened is we were able to put those ideas down on paper so that we have a lot more clarity than we had before and can see the vision more clearly. That has me excited because now I have the ability to implement that whereas before I had just ideas but nothing really straightforward that we could implement more easily.”

I knew that I had gifts that could make a positive difference. When you hear other people get excited about them, and passionate about them, and inspire you and say, “Yeah, I think we can really do this and make a difference,” that’s pretty exciting because it makes you realize that we really can pull this off and really make the dream a reality.”

When I came here, I had lots of ideas, and I had a dream, and did not have the means or the help to get it out to the masses. After being here today, I feel more hopeful. I feel more excited that it’s not just a dream anymore, that we can actually make it happen. When that happens, that will be worth a lot more than my financial investment, and my time investment that was made today. I’m excited about that.”

I believe the team absolutely understands my vision and we can definitely get it to where I want it to go. Yeah.”

After completing the Funnel Day, I realized that my dream is not just a dream. That we can actually actualize it and make a significant difference on the planet which is what I really want to do. It’s my purpose. It’s what I’m passionate about, and so I’m excited because I see the vision more clearly.”

I think anyone who has a dream, and wants to help people, and is heart-centered, and is an expert in their field should highly consider working with this program because they will help you create clarity and help you create your dream so that you can feel fulfilled and help other people make their dreams come true.”

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