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Listen as Dr. Dan Sullivan and his wife Amanda Sullivan have to say about going through a one day Funnel Day with Bryan Dulaney & Michael Mushlin in San Diego, CA.

In this video Dan said, “We are Dr. Dan and Amanda Sullivan from Atlanta, Georgia. We currently have a chiropractic business. We’re getting ready to launch another new project. Really, our dream that we’ve been talking about the last year and a half. We had an experience today, this one-day experience with Michael and Brian, that’s been unbelievable and really got us to sit down and begin to actualize this dream.”

Amanda said, “Every once in awhile, we’ll pull out our phones and jot down an idea that we’ve had or just talk about this vision, this dream as we go through our days, but we’re not getting any closer to getting it out to the world or making it happen. It’s just a good feeling to come and leave that to a team of experts that can do that for us.”

Dan said, “My biggest aha was recognizing there’s a lot of things I don’t know and then the things that I thought I did know are a lot different. There were multiple times throughout the day that I got this excitement, but then combined with, “Wow, that’s going to be tough.” Then combined with, “But this is exactly like what’s going to happen and that we’re going to be able to pull this thing off.” I really felt like we’re going to be able to pull this thing off better than what I was anticipating, but very different. Being with the experts has really helped that come to fruition today.”

Amanda said, “Yeah, I would say mine is the same. I came in on this high of, “We have these great ideas. We know we’re going to change the world.” Then we got into things and asked a lot of tough questions. Then I got in this little pit of like, “Oh, how are we going to do this?” Now I’m leaving with a plan that we’re actually going to do this and we’re going to make it happen and we’re going to make a change in the world, so it’s exciting.”

Dan said, “This funnel day today, spending time with the experts, spending time with our project, spending time with our dream, and seeing how it could come to fruition really, really puts some legs on it for me. I now know that I’m leaving with, like you said, strategies. I’ve got the game plan in the back of my head. Now we’ve got a team of people that’s going to help us pull this thing off. It’s going to prevent a lot of struggle and paralysis that I wouldn’t have done and it would have taken me ten times the amount of time.”

“Without a question, that investment was such a small price to pay for this feeling I have right now. It’s not just this false feeling that I think this could happen. I feel like there’s really strategies. This real-life strategy is going to work. Spend the time hearing stories about people that are already making the same thing happen beyond what I was anticipating. Again, we came in here with a vision. I knew if we could even pull off a little bit of that vision, that investment would be so minimal in the big scheme of things. Now this vision just got bigger and with some strategies behind it. To me, the investment was really a no-brainer.”

“I would just say to anybody else out there, just sitting in a room pounding out some of these questions, we’ve never done that before. That’s worth its weight in gold. Most people don’t ever even get asked these questions, let alone ask yourself these questions. For us to just spend this time together, so valuable. I would have if it’s double the price, without question, just what we’ve seen so far.”

Amanda said, “Don’t wait any longer because the longer that you just sit on your dream or your baby that you’ve been just talking over, the longer you just sit on it, nothing’s going to come from it. You have to take action. Take a step and these guys are awesome to help you.”

Dan said, “I would add in there that same thing. While that’s your baby, the thing, whatever it is you want to get to the world, what hit me in the middle of it is I’m depriving the world of this thing that we have to give to them from our inactivity. This forced us to really sit down and say, “Put the chips in the center. Let’s go.” I would say don’t deprive the world of your gifts and your calling and this thing that’s on your heart because you maybe don’t have it all figured out. That’s why a day like this, again, is priceless because you can take this thing to the world that much quicker.”

If you’d like to go through one of these Funnel Days, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to give you more information about how you can work with us to make your dream become a reality.

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