About Mike W. Dulaney

Bryan DulaneyMike Dulaney

Mike has been working for over 30+ years effectively bringing buyers and sellers together in the most efficient way. He delivers qualified buyers to his clients and is passionate about customer service for both his clients and those that will purchase products or services from them. In his words “Customer Service is KING and Second to NONE”, has been the benchmark of his success in all his business dealings.

His areas of expertise include sales & marketing; planning, organizing and managing events, trade shows and executive meetings; managing trade show and conference logistics, creating marketing plans to attract attendees and exhibitors to the trade show, overseeing design and production of collateral and promotional materials, and developing sponsorship opportunities. He has experience in all aspects of event management from beginning to end. He worked as Operations Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, and Trade Show Manager.

He is a visionary when it comes to creating new events within the event to help his clients increase their success at the trade shows he produced for over 20 years. Prior to the internet, he developed a bulletin board service which essentially was the internet before the internet, with 20 phone lines coming into his office mainframe for customers of his clients to review their products and services.

In the first 5 years of working at C.S. Report, Inc., producer of the D/C Expo, he increased revenue from $300,000 to $3 MILLION by adding events that increased success for his clients. As your account Manager he will not rest until your success is assured.