Funnel Day with Geoff Thompson – Financial Services Industry

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Here’s what Geoff Thompson said, “I’m Geoff Thompson from Synergistic Life Services. I’m here in San Diego. Our company specializes in doing advanced case planning in the financial services industry. We’re here on our first Funnel Day. It’s been very exciting for us.”

What were the expectations had when you came into the Funnel Day?

“We really didn’t know what to expect coming into it. We knew that working with Brian and with Michael had been very professional up to this point. As we came into the day, it started out in a very progressive manner. It went very well, our expectations had not only been met, but had been very much exceeded through the day. We didn’t know what to expect, other than we were having a planning session and it went much better than we expected.”

What are you leaving the day with that you’re going to take with you as you go to next week and beyond?

“Just massive amounts of excitement. We can’t wait to get started on the project, keep things moving. We very much are looking forward to getting our launch, I guess is the best way I can put it, pulled together and just getting it out there on the market over the next couple of months. We can’t wait to see our plan next week, and we’re just extremely excited. We think that this is the right maneuver for us. Nobody in our industry has done this yet. We like to be pioneers, so we are very excited about this.”

What was your biggest aha moment that you’re taking away from today?

“It was probably that as we were going through, it gave us a chance to look at the headlines, the tags. Some of those were absolutely fantastic. They really grabbed and were descriptive. I think the other thing that was an aha moment for us was just being able to look at how these funnels would flow together, specifically on the good will funnel, and create a system that really will bring the clients through in an educated basis.”

Jeff, if you were going to recommend this Funnel Day to someone that you knew that was in another business, or any business, what would you want them to know about this before they came into it?

“I’d want them to know that it’s going to be organized in an extremely professional manner. Everything is going to be followed up on, followed through with. There wasn’t a skip or beat missed throughout the day. It went very, very well. It was organized, it was constructed correctly.”

“There was a lot of feedback that came from us as well as you guys that really brought everything- It brought it into fruition in the right manner, where it all had a proper flow. I think our team is going to leave here with a very clear direction on what we’re doing. That’s something that doesn’t happen for us very often. I don’t mean that in a bad- It doesn’t happen for us where- We’ve never went to the outside for anything. This is the first time that we’ve done it, and this is the best experience we’ve had. We’ve talked to consultants in the past but never got- We never got what we paid for and clearly we know what we’re getting. This has been very good, and I would recommend it to anybody.”
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