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In this post, I’m going to share the story about our Funnel Day with Gabe Strom.  Gabe flew into San Diego, California on July 11th for his Funnel Day on Tuesday July 12th, 2016.

Gabe owns a company with his business partner Zach called, “Seller Secrets” which is about helping people learn how to make money on Amazon.

What I love about Gabe & Zach is when I asked the question, “Why are you in this business?” this is what they said:

#1:  Zach made $225,000 net profit working from home.

#2:  We believe this is the best work from home opportunity for start up entrepreneurs today (no cold calling, no bugging friends and family, no mlm, no heavy start up costs like franchises).

#3:  We believe eCommerce and Amazon will continue to grow over the next 50 years.

#4:  We want to help people experience freedom (financially, spiritually, & relationships).

#5:  This industry is WIDE open for a market leader to become the #1 go to resource for Amazon sellers.

#6:  We want to make money in the process.

The great part about working with Gabe to map out a $1 million a month business is that they already had produced over $400,000 in their first year with an antiquated funnel system for capturing leads and converting sales.

I love that.  Then we began the day by first discovering the intricacies of their current funnels and the products they have for sale. Once we understood what they currently have in place, we then began to map out the funnels they need in order to truly scale.

Now, I can’t really go into the details of the Funnel Day with Gabe, but I can let you hear from Gabe himself…

Here you can hear what Gabe has to say about his experience during his one day strategy session:

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